Study on Gifted Youth


*Before you can continue, your parent/guardian must complete the Parent/Guardian Consent Form

Once they have completed the form and have received a confirmation email with a Record Number, you can proceed with the study.

For this study, you will complete 2 measures:
  • Questionnaire on personality
  • an Aptitude Test on emotions

Use the links on the right to access the study measures. The 2 measures take 20-30 minutes to complete.

Complete them by yourself (preferably alone in a calm environment) on your phone or computer/laptop. Complete both measures in one day.

When you receive your Record Number, follow these steps in order:

Step 1. Click on Part 1 of the study and sign the Participant Agreement Form

Step 2. Complete the Questionnaire section of the form.

Step 3. Click on Part 2 of the study (the Aptitude Test) and follow the link to the external website

Your parent/guardian gives me:

  • Basic information about you and your family (age, gender, school grade, parents' level of education, etc.)
  • Your IQ score

After the study:

  1. To thank you for your help in this research, I have prepared a free online presentation that you will receive when you complete everything for this study. The presentation is about exciting recent discoveries on human intelligence.
  2. Your parent will receive a summary of results for this study by email at the end of the research project (between January and March 2018).

You can decide to leave the study at any time, without any negative consequences. I do not expect any danger to you when you complete the online tests. Information you gave and your scores could be used again for more research up to 3 years after the end of this study. If you decide to quit the study before finishing all tests, your parents will still receive results of the study at the end of the project.

(!) Use your Record Number 

instead of your name

at all times.

Thank you for being part of this research study!
If you have any questions on this study, please contact me by email: [email protected]

Anaïs Wong, M.A.

Doctoral Student in Clinical Psychology 

California School of Professional Psychology

Alliant International University